Welcome to HomeRight AZ! 

We love doing home inspections, but we realized there were some ways to improve on the traditional home inspection process.

  1. Scheduling home inspections. If your process for scheduling home inspections involves making multiple phone calls to multiple parties over a timeframe of hours or days, we want to help!
  2. Reading home inspections. If reading your home inspection is like deciphering Kryptos, or your health insurance plan EOB, we want to help!
  3. Completing BINSR’s. If completing BINSR’s is a burden you don’t need, we want to help!
  4. Repair Estimates and Scheduling. If coordinating repair estimates and scheduling repairs is cumbersome at best, an absolute nightmare at worst, and you are missing deadlines, we want to help!

Our goal is to simplify and expedite the home inspection process from start to finish, for every party involved. If there’s something we missed and it helps you, please don’t hesitate to ask! If we haven’t provided you with a service that makes you aware of every issue or potential issue; If you don’t know more about the home you’re purchasing than anyone else; If you are not satisfied in every way; we haven’t done our job and we will come back until it’s right. Get your HomeRight!

Meet Our Team

Shain Heiss
Shain HeissOwner / Certified Inspector
Shain is a licensed home inspector in Arizona, Shain recognizes the need and concern for a more thorough examination of roof systems on behalf of homeowners and property managers. In addition to being an ASHI member, he also serves as Vice Chairman of the ASHI Member Relations Committee. As an engineer, Shain has an innate ability to troubleshoot and diagnose issues to their root cause. He also has a passion for marrying technology with business, resulting in more efficient and effective ways to diagnose, report, and repair issues, increasing the value of services and improving overall customer satisfaction.
Hudson Heiss
Hudson HeissCertified Inspector
A licensed home inspector in Arizona representing the next generation of home and roof inspections. Hudson brings a new perspective as the next decade and beyond will surely recognize an evolution in industry practices. While earning his finance degree, Hudson served as a property manager for his student housing building. Hudson is also a certified commercial building inspector by Carson Dunlop Weldon & Associates. He is certified by the Tile Roofing Institute and as a member of Arizona Roofing Contractors Association, Hudson attends roofing installation classes to stay up to date on all standards and requirements.

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“If I were asked to name the chief benefit of the house, I should say: the house shelters day-dreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace.”


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